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The Island of Vir


Welcome to the Island of Contrasts

1oak Rentals – “One of a kind” apartments are situated on Island Vir.  Vir is an island in Croatia surrounded by numerous northern Dalmatian islands, 23 km or only 20 minutes drive from the regional center, the city of Zadar; and a 10-minute drive from the historic town of Nin. Since 1976, it has been connected to the mainland by a port bridge, making Vir an integral part of the mainland. There is no toll for crossing the Vir bridge.

Although small in size, Vir island boasts of numerous sights. The most famous is certainly the Kaštelina, a sixteenth-century fort built by Venetians as defense against Turks and local pirates. Prehistoric ruins can be found on the hills of Sveti Juraj (Saint George) and Gradina.

Among the local sacred architecture, the most important historically are the twelfth-century church of Saint George of the Banner and that of Saint John the Baptist, from the thirteenth-century. Romantic spirits will certainly enjoy the sunsets seen from the lighthouse area, which can be found in the west of the island.

On the island are many different type of beaches: on the southern side are Meka, Srpljica, Uvala Pedinka, Sapavac, Kozjak, Radovanjica, Jadro, Marina Luka and Donja Prezida,on the northern side Žitna uvala, Mala and Velika Slatina, Lučica, Biskupljača and Duboka Draga. Most of the beaches are pebbly with a shallow entrance to the sea, very suitable for the children. Some of them are sandy or gravelly. Everyone can find the right pace for swimming on this island.

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Biking and Trekking Paths

Vir Island offers a number of great outdoor activity opportunities. One of the great ones is definitely the network of biking and trekking paths spread throughout the island. To have a better overview of these paths, our tourist board has prepared these maps for you to easily find your way around the island.